My Water Villa at Velassaru Maldives

There is something about being near or by the water that just brings in the calmness. And when you're in Maldives, a country known for its crystal clear waters, there is no excuse. You have to live by the waters.
 Must stay when at the Velassaru Maldives is at one of the water villas. If not only for this terrace view, for the actual room accommodations and amenities inside the villa.

After the bridge, the villas all sit in rows with a common walkway to connect each one. Good thing I was in room 403, because if you got a higher number, you would end up at the very end, which is quite a walk to all the main activity centers of the resort.
The butler/luggage guy also doubles as a photographer. They are used to tourists who come in couples and need a designated tripod to capture moments. In this scenario, I'm solo flight. Next time I want to visit with my family or at least someone to share the spacious bed with.
 The exterior of the villa is quite rustic, with pillars mounted on the bottom of the sand as foundation for the whole structure. There is an anahaw roofing, just like in Manila huts. The outside is nothing to gab about.

But the interior is nothing short of fantastic.
The high ceiling frames the king bed centered in the middle of the 122sqm villa (bigger than most most Manila condos). Hardwood floors travel all the way to the bathroom area, and the windows encompass most of the four corners of the room.
Upon entering from the right side, you see a writing desk right behind the bed. I love spaces where the bend becomes the focal point of the room, and the usage of space is well defined.
 But it's not the bed that I will rave about, but the view the room has all around it: The Indian Ocean!
The seating area has a great place to just watch the blue ocean and relax.

The best spot is on the terrace, where lounge chairs are set up so guests can relax and watch the sunset, which is my view since I'm on the outer portion. Yes, I spoil myself by my travels.

 From the terrace, you can take the ladder down to the ocean and take a dip
Or snorkel with the beautiful baby black tip sharks that inhabit the shallow portion.
 But the most interesting spot to stare at the water would be by the bathtub, right smack in the middle of the hardwood bathrooms. Yes, I did use it and the view was fantastic.
 On the side of the bed is the entrance for the bathroom, continuing the burnt orange and brown theme of the room. There is a double sink opposite one another.
 The bathroom is as spacious as the room itself, with a rain shower and toilet with views of the water as well. Velassaru does a fantastic job of angling each villa to ensure privacy from passersby, or from your neighboring guests.
L'Occitane toiletries.
Bathroom from the terrace
The mini-bar is a delightful addition to the villa's amenities. Not only does it have a Wine Chiller stocked with good vintages to complement the mini-fridge,
There is also a Nespresso machine stocked with 9 different blends of their espresso pods. I made myself a cup immediately upon seeing the goodies. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I appreciate a good cup of Nespresso.
 There are coffee and tea condiments, and water comes in 1.5 liter bottles with chic covers.
If you're hitting the beach or going to stay out in the sun, they also provide you with flip-flops, towels, and a reusable bag to lug your snorkel gear when you go around the island.
When you use the flip-flops, they stamp out VELASSARU on the sand. What an ingenius branding tool.
Velarassu's Water Villa isn't called 'The crown jewel amongst all Maldives water villas' for nothing. 
To learn more about the Velassaru Water Villa, click here.


  1. Amazing. Been dreaming of going to Maldives ever since I can remember. Thanks for bringing Maldives to me thru your gorgeous photos. Safe travels!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sure would like to go there...Beautiful....

  3. Wow! I am super envious! One of my dream destination is Maldives! :D

  4. wow. dream ko rin pumunta dito with my special someone :)

  5. hi, ganda. nawala ba stress mo when you got to the Maldives? :) beng

  6. I came across your blog while researching Velassaru as a possible honeymoon destination...found your pics and info very helpful! Looks amazing. :)


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