The Velassaru Maldives, Part Deux

And the Velassaru tour continues...
For those who want to get wet without being in the ocean, the Pool is quite a spot to be at. An infinity pool with a teak deck and lounge chairs. At first glance, the pool seems to be connected to the ocean.
One thing I absolutely adored about Velassaru is the various options for seating and chilling. From a hammock by the water to a beach bed and colorful floor pillows, to cocoon chairs and lounge beds, each spot is picturesque with a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean.
Vela Restaurant
Vela is where the breakfast buffet is served. It's interesting to note that since Maldives is a Muslim nation, there is no pork found in their menu. Which means, beef bacon and chicken sausages take place in lieu of the porky originals. From sushi to congee to omelets and a bread bar, the spread makes any guest indulge in the early morning.
Also where I had some lunch of fresh sushi/sashimi, a caprese salad, and a mango mojito. The latter was an early alcoholic treat.
Turquoise Restaurant
Another dining establishment with a more relaxed setting, and outdoor seating.
Sands Restaurant
The outdoor grill area which has fantastic BBQs and other meat dishes.
Fen Bar
Another sandy bar with earthy elements and really strong cocktails. At night the wall lights up to a hazy blue hue and a live acoustic band plays chill music.
Chill Lounge
But for me, the best spot to hang out and unwind with a couple of drinks is at the aptly named Chill Lounge.
 There are several seating options available, but the ones by the water happen to be the best for staring at the water.
At Chill, I also discovered my new favorite cocktail: a Champagne Mojito. It's a little lacking in size, but the perfect sipping cocktail.
We were served pica-pica (canapes) while we spent out final day relaxing, and more importantly...
Waiting for the breathtaking Maldivian sunset over the  Indian Ocean. There are no words.
For our final dinner, we decided to go Japanese and have some Teppanyaki for dinner.
We felt sorry for our Teppanyaki chef, who had to cook for 14 hungry Filipinos all by himself. But it was the perfect meal to cap a wonderful stay at Velassaru.
 My "Last Supper"
Enoki & Shiitake Mushrooms, Angus Tenderloin, Crazy Prawns, Miso Soup
 I woke up the next day and took a quick snorkel by my verandah to test out my underwater camera casing. The water was WARM.
My group packs up and get's ready to go on to our next accommodation... our dive yacht.

As we departed, we realized we left paradise which we discovered at Velassaru...

Learn more about Velassaru here


  1. Wow that resort looks so nice and it seems very well maintained. Cant wait to see blog posts from your dives

  2. wow how much was your budget for this trip?? can u give us an estimate? i seriously wanna go to the Maldives!


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