Mara's Mille Feuille Crepe Cake

This cake is soooo good, even Jimmy Choo wants some (check out the side-eye)
As a belated happy birthday present to ToT, my travel soulmate Cheska "didn't know what to get for the girl who has it all. But when (she) tried this cake, she knew this was it!" Love the message, chick!
The box was sweetly pink, with adjectives that evoke the essence of whatever baked wonder is inside  it.
Mara's Mille Feuille Crepe Cake
The 'Mara' in question is Mara dela Rama-Poblete, a former native New Yorker and pastry chef of Dean & Deluca, the NY coffee haunt that has the most amazing baked goods. She has since moved back to Manila, whipping up unbelievably appetizing goodies such as the crepe cake. I met her once when I used to live in NY. Interesting trivia: Mara and I used to live in the same apartment on Midtown East in New York City! Not at the same time though.
What is a Mille Feuille Crepe Cake? Basically, Mille Feuille means "a thousand layers", and that's exactly what the above is.
It is a cake made up of...
A thousand layers of crepes!
Well, not just crepes. Crepes and pastry cream, to be precise.
I counted about 18 layers of crepe, and even thicker layers of the pastry cream. What I loved about this version is the lightness of the cream, almost a whipped consistency. From the naked eye, it seemed like a boring, ordinary cake, but looks can be deceiving.
Layer upon layer of delicate crepe pancakes sandwiching a slightly sweet cream. Each bite hinting vanilla and crepe and a Parisian cafe setting. It was so simple, yet irresistible at the same time. The lightness makes you think it is not so calorific, but the amount of cream should be a warning that the more luscious a dessert is, the more miles you will need to jog to burn each bite off.
I thought one slice was all the damage I could do to this large crepe cake.
But when the entire family saw the look of lust on my face after my first bite, everyone wanted a piece. And everyone could not describe the lovely sugar rush they were experiencing.
Even The Choobear!
Mara's Mille Feuille Crepe Cake is, definitely, Dessert du Jour.

Mara de la Rama
+632 806 9511
+63917 811 6272
+63917 803 6272


  1. Yuuuuuuuuuuummmy!! Reading this post makes me want to order a cake for myself, haha! Glad you and the family enjoyed! Miss you!!

  2. The traditional mille-feuille is puff pastry (not crepe) and crème pâtissière. The puff pastry is crisp and is a great contrast to the creamy vanilla goodness. You say this is crepes, so it's soft not a little crunchy? Curious!

  3. Yup, This is very thin crepe pancakes and not puff pastry. It's SO GOOD! must try


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